Into the Light

... Tales and announcements of the glory of the Corenne, oathbreakers and the Empress, may she live forever!
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Into the Light

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The river Erinin sparkled in the day time from the view of the second floor of the White Tower. Open windows welcomed the spring weather that had shown up early, allowing the smell of the salt breeze form the harbor to charm the senses for any sailor or local. A long winter filled with difficulty and hardship had given way to pollinating insects and new hope for a better year. The tall arched windows offered a spectacular view of the island of Tar Valon with a panoramic view of the harbor, something some would never be afforded the sight from such heights and impeccable real estate. The Yellow Sisters made small talk as they peered out the large arching windows looking down into the city, conversing quietly about the performance's of the accepted's that would come before the hall soon for more tasks. Several looked as if they would make the cut, their research and studies proving satisfactory.

Downstairs servants scrambled in the bottom level of the Tower, the sounds of pots and pans clanging together and very specific instructions for recipes rang out from the crowded kitchen. Men and Women dressed in servant's robes hurried in and out of the galley, gathering food and hurrying off to deliver it to the various Ajah's and ceremonies taking place on the tower grounds that day. A young man struggled to carry an abnormally large cake as all the carts were taken and wobbled as he went down the hall.

"Oh, don't drop it, they'll hang you by your toes if you do!" sneered one of the other servants as he passed in the opposite direction with an arguably much smaller cake, made for easier maneuvering throughout the shimmering halls. The young man grimaced as the cake started to burn his arms from the sheer weight of the cake. He headed towards the stair well. However, he never quite made it to the top. A taller man whose servant robes rose up past his ankles had taken over. The other man charged with delivering the cake to the Yellow Ajah quarters had suddenly been.. "relieved" of his position. With his tunic on backwards and his robes too high the new servant carried the cake unscathed up the flight of stairs, trying not to track blood onto the second floor that had somehow found his boots.

You know what they say, if you're not covered in your work, are you really working?

The cake was beautiful, with designs of pearl white cream topping layers of classic yellow cake. Accents of yellow flowers marked the cake showing off all the preparation and hard work that went into building such a beautiful piece of edible art. He could relate, he was a big fan of having a solid plan and preparing for quality execution. The new servant waited patiently outside of the large yellow doors. They were expecting him, or more so the cake, something to help top off the crowning accomplishments of the younger accepted that was being reviewed in the session. Suddenly the doors swung open and the call of the Yellow Sisters summoning the servant could be heard from within the Solarium. The light flooded in from every inch of the large double doors, the Erinin shining in the background.

You attempt to hide yourself.

The door is opened from the other side.


Solarium of the Yellow Ajah
[ obvious exits: N ]
Zone: White Tower Upper Floors
Door north: door
North: A young girl in a plain white dress stands here.
A large desk made of fine, thick wood stands across the room from here.
A chair made of red oak rests next to the table. [2]
Alvana the Tower Accepted is sitting here on a stout oaken chair, prepared to receive her ceremony cake.
Shiva Hakar is standing here.
Fyra a'Lodred, Elder Healer is standing here.
A Yellow Sister sits here demanding cake.
A silver-haired Aes Sedai sits here, eyeing the large cake eagerly.
Corele Hovian stands here with concern in her eyes, wondering if she'll get to eat enough of the cake before the others.

[hide ]
You attempt to hide yourself.

* S HP:Healthy MV:Full >

You silently approach your victim...
=- -=+
Ashlynn has arrived from the north.

Interrupting the Silence a mighty roar rang through the Solarium, stopping everyone in the room in their tracks "MAY THE EMPRESS LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!"

Fyra makes a strange sound as you place a curved clear dagger in her back!
Fyra panics, and attempts to flee!

* S HP:Healthy MV:Full - Fyra: Beaten >
Blood spills across the floor, painting the cake as the dagger is wrenched from the Yellow Sister's body, twisting as it's pulled.
Fyra leaves north. ^^

The sound of a gutteral yell rang out from just north of the Solarium..The sound of the wounded crying for help as life escaped her.

"GUARDS..GU.. *gasping for air* as the red liquid runs from her body onto the floors of the Yellow Ajah's hall"

Screams of mortal terror rang out through the Tower, as the assassin turned to flee the scene, the knife still in his hand soaking wet and his stolen robes covered in cake and blood

* S HP:Healthy MV:Full >
[change mood wimpy]
Mood changed to: Wimpy
Wimpy reset to: 204 hit points.

* S HP:Healthy MV:Full >
Ashlynn tries to strike you, but you deflect the blow.
You panic and attempt to flee!

You flee head over heels.
Continuing Down the Hall
[ obvious exits: N E S W ]
Zone: White Tower Upper Floors
Door east: thickdoor
Door south: door
Door west: woodendoor
South: Ashlynn Alessandri, Tower Accepted, Yellow Ajah Apprentice is standing here.
Fyra a'Lodred, Elder Healer is dying here.
A young girl in a plain white dress attempts to apply pressure to her wounds.

You attempt to hide yourself.

* S HP:Healthy MV:Full >
stab fyra

Fyra leaves south. vv

Shiva has arrived from the south, intercepting the attacker as he attempts to finish his target in front of everyone

Shiva tries to slash you, but you deflect the blow.

You try to pierce Shiva, but she parries successfully.

Fyra has arrived from the south.
Ashlynn has arrived from the south.





The sound of Guards ransacking the city and the alarms rang true through the woods and could be heard as far as Rhahimne. The light shown upon the man's face, who had somehow managed to change clothes once more before exiting the city on the back of a wagon, posing as a merchant of the Kandori's. Riding down the Tar Valon road on the back of a wagon with several other Kandori's headed towards the merchant hall one of the others commented on the great weather. He tilted his head back and allowed the light to rain upon his exposed face at the comment.

We all go, into the light, and it is grande isn't it?