Into the Night

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Into the Night

Post by zeek » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:27 pm

A seanchan walks into the woods, leaving a trail of bloodied clothing behind him.. the sound of tolling bells echoing through the trees, accompanied by shouting of guards and screams of terror. The scalp of a novice lays on the ground just outside of the sallow wood. A red stone dagger lies on the floor some few feet away. Silver tooled boots, old but well oiled lay in a tuft of grass where the woodline meets. A tunic of bearskin, dyed a darker color of the night hangs from a limb. Gold rings bury themselves in the soil. A pair of sleeves with red stains on it mar the path. Breeches torn from his legs bare the stains as well. Dark gloves protrude from their back pocket. A black shoufa is cast aside, blending in the low light. A silver etched shield is discarded against a tree, the arm straps unbound. A belt of cuendillar glints in the closing hours of the sun. A trail of things walking away from Tar Valon towards the plains. Stopping at the woodline in silence.

A man with nothing else stares into the plains with a hollow gaze, at least a mile long. With a trail of his trade behind him, cloaked in only the cool night air creeping over the black hills from the south with the sun slipping away into night, he stood there without any clothing left at all. As the sound of insects whistle in the wind of the plains and start their evening ensemble, the man walks into the night with nothing, just as he came. Forever.

Goodbye, to all those that I have loved a long the way.