The Mandarb a'Shar

... Tales and announcements of the glory of the Corenne, oathbreakers and the Empress, may she live forever!
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The Mandarb a'Shar

Post by Raefnal » Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:51 am

A small piece of black parchment is handed to the Falme and Seandar heralds at the same instant, two hooded figures disappearing into the crowds of Seanchan and Oathsworn before the herald can see their faces. Cursive silver ink flows across the paper, with a silver wax seal showing a fist holding a dagger dripping green liquid. The heralds futilely look around for the figures before reading the missive. Clearing their throats, they proclaim to the cities. "Let it be known by the will of the Empress, may She live forever, the Mandarb a'Shar has broken away from the Imperial Army and been reformed!" Seanchan natives stop in their tracks and eye the Heralds uneasily. Oathsworn continue their business, unaware of the importance of what they have heard. Avoiding eye contact, the heralds continue. "Let it be known that the Brotherhood of the Blades of the Blood seeks new brothers and sisters, and any who wish to be tested should make their way to Falme!"

My fellow servants of the Empire, it pleases me to announce our return and the opening of our doors to potential recruits. For those of you who do not know us, we are a historical organisation, predating the formation of the Imperial Army. We are a cabal of assassins and poisoners in the service of the Empress, may She live forever. We work from the shadows to forward the Corenne, unseen and unwavering. For the first time in more than a decade, we are open for applications.

In order for an initial application to be considered, it must meet the following criteria:
  • You must be a rogue
  • You must be level 25+
  • Your name must be suitable for this MUD
  • You must pen a letter to us, detailing your origin, history and reasons you feel you would be a suitable assassin - letters must be sent via forum mail to the Mandarb a'Shar
After a period of being watched, further demands will be made of those allowed to continue.

In addition, for the next six weeks, we will be accepting applications from the Imperial Army to transfer into the Mandarb a'Shar. We are aware there may be fellow rogues within its ranks who feel their play-style is not catered for by a military regiment, and missed the opportunity to join us before our organisation was absorbed. Transfer applicants MUST meet the above criteria, and will be tested further as if they are any other applicant before we give our decision. HOWEVER, if they are successful they may transfer at their current rank TO A MAXIMUM OF RANK 4. Applicants who are of a higher rank will NOT lose their current qps, however there will be time restraints of one week between ranks until rank 6, and 4 weeks between rank 6 and 7, before they can achieve their current IA rank. This offer is not open to other clans.

Sara al'Sara far a'Mandarb!

Lord Sevas Inui, Mandarb a'Shar Council
Lady Laurian Hopper, Mandarb a'Shar Council
Raefnal Ma'for, Mandarb a'Shar Council