Return of an Old Guard

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Return of an Old Guard

Post by Drol » Tue Oct 15, 2019 2:16 am

The wind was a biting cold on the docks of Falme as Lord Drol Al'Drakken stepped onto the shore. With the disbandment of the Seanchan Imperial Guard following the destruction of Seandar, Drol had retired. But when the call from your former Lady came, one did not ignore the order.

Drol surveyed the docks carefully before he found the woman. 'You came yourself, m'lady. I am honoured,' bowed Drol.
Serenla replied, 'For my Commander and Lord of the Seanhan Imperial Guard, I felt it was necessary.' Serenla continued on, 'Drol. I have need of you once again. The Seanchan Homelands need a strong defence. We must never be cut off again. I have made arrangements for a new barracks. Ensure that you have the soldiers to maintain it.'
Drol nodded thoughtfully, 'As you command, Lady Abuothair, it shall be done.' Drol made his way from the docks, back straighter and his old bones moving more freely than the age he tried to defy. Carefully, he crafted the words in his mind. Words that very soon would be posted throughout the Empire. Nodding to himself he smirked, 'Simple is always the easiest.' Drol set about his work with renewed vigour.

The Seanchan Imperial Guard have returned. Forward the Corenne!