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Lost and Found

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:02 pm
by Raefnal
A shadow of a thought drifted across her brain. A patient blade always strikes true.

Shaking her head free of the whisper, Rae pursed her lips and carried on kneading the pale dough. Puffs of flour swirled through the morning air each time her heel smacked into the tabletop. Stretch and fold. Stretch and fold. She was used to these strange thoughts darting through her brain, but they were becoming more frequent. Why should she, a baker's apprentice, care a whit about blades? As if a knife understood patience. Patience was becoming an apprentice, again, at 31 years of age, with no memory, no experience and no credit to her name. The sun was rising over Illian, and she had work to do.

A sharp, gravelly "CAW!" pulled her back to the present as she turned to see a raven on the window ledge. The wind ruffled its oily black feathers and it cocked its head to one side.


Before it could close its chipped beak a short knife whistled through the air and hit a nearby fencepost with a thud. The raven hopped to one side and ruffled its feathers, eyeing Rae with disarming intelligence before flying away. Groaning, Rae pulled her dark hair back with a whitened hand and hurried to the window, dough forgotten. A small woman in her thirties, she had to stand on her tip-toes to lean out and try to reach the knife. With a resigned sigh she hoisted her waist onto the warm sill and stretched out to try and retrieve it.

Suddenly, rough hands gripped her ankles and yanked her unceremoniously back into the kitchen and dumped her to the dusty floor. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I do be sorry!" she stuttered in an odd, clipped drawl as the baker loomed over her, fists on hips. The stocky man was tanned and sported a dark, graying beard that left his upper lip bare. "This be the last time I do let you handle my knives Rae!", he said. "Some... gentleman do be here for you. He says he knows who you are, and will take you from my kitchen." Rae frowned as a dark, cloaked figure stepped silently into the kitchen. He pressed an odd gold coin into the baker's hand, holding his gaze before nodding slightly and drawling, "For the knives." Making an odd bowing gesture, the baker left the room muttering to himself and biting the coin to test the metal.

Lord Sevas Inui took down the hood of his cloak, as dark as the deepest midnight. He smirked as ran a gloved finger through the floured surfaces and eyed the knife in the fence. "It seems Seeker Inkyo was correct. At last I have found you, Raefnal Ma'for, of the Mandarb a'Shar."

As her eyes met his, something forgotten stirred within Raefnal and she whispered, "Sara al sara far a'Mandarb."