The Return

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The Return

Post by sevas » Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:04 pm

Ten years, Ten years gone and finally a glimmer of hope. The Mistress of Poisons had been found.
Inkyo had made the bold promise that if she was alive, the Seekers would find her. Well so they had.

Of all things working in a bakery in Illian with no clue who or what she was. Well if the healers could be
believed then all would be well. The Corenne would go on.

So many changes, yet he never lost hope. The betrayal of Yeri. That name left a bitter taste on the tongue. The loss of most of Seandar. Generals unheard of in years.Yet the Corenne would go on.

The loss of the Rakens ability to gain the air. So many changes, so many things lost.

Yet the Corenne would go on.

The Ever Victorius Army would be reborn. The Corenne would continue.

And most encouraging, a missive sent countless times but never without fail. Sara al’ sara. And just as he was beginning to think the unthinkable a missive returned. Far a’ mandarb!

A reply from Captain Taku. Another, from Banner General Laurian. So many still unheard of. Yet the Corenne would prevail, it would go on.

Where were Lady Serde, Laolin. Tiq? So many still scattered to the winds or even worse , dead.
But it was a start. And, most importantly, the return of Masters Bekkar and Ishedus.

Lord Sevas stood looking to the East with something akin to hope returning to his tired eyes. The Corenne would go forward. He had his orders. The Council was reformed. Let the Oathbreakers again wonder what was in the shadows.

Glory to the Empress, may She live forever.

'Sara al'sara far a'mandarb.'