A quest to remember!

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A quest to remember!

Post by Mhaliah » Tue Mar 16, 2021 5:58 pm

Mhaliah opens a letter sealed with the mark of three radiant stars in red wax.


One of our cook's daughters has gone missing. We fear she has been taken by slave traders. If she is still alive, she is likely to have been sold to someone the who known to the slave traders.

Find who has her and return her to Halwin Norry. He will see that she is returned to her mother. If you find the girl tell her to follow you. She will recognize you as a member of the Queen's Guard.

Gareth Byrne.

Reaching for a quill and paper Mhaliah scribbles a note.


I need your scouting and mapping ability. Please scout the location I have coded below. I need an accurate map and a report of forces that these slave traders have. Please report this information to Master Norry. Also, if you can please tell the girl that her mother loves her and we are going to save her.

Mhaliah M'taal Under-Lieutenant

Jalid al'fonnai'shadar, Inde'duadhe, Inde'Aiel, Tsorovan an'xentro

He hastily folds up the letter and sends a courier to Basil's to deliver it. The courier hastily exits and Mhaliah gathers his gear to prepare for what is likely to be a long and dangerous trip. He waits patiently for the report from his friend the mapmaker and scout.

Khartes enters the Grand Conference Room.
The walls of this room are adorned with beautiful tapestries and carvings,
and lined with suits of highly polished armor, sparkling in the light.
Overhead, huge crystal chandeliers glitter brightly. There is a large,
round oak table in the center of the room, surrounded by strong wooden
chairs. Obviously this room was meant for important meetings with the
leaders of Andor and visiting dignitaries.
[ obvious exits: E ]
Halwin Norry, the First Clerk, stands here with a large leather book and pen.
Four elite Queen's Guards stand at their post.
Khartes says 'Master Norry' 'I have returned with Mhaliah's map.'

Khartes gets a brand new map from his pack and gives it to Halwin Norry, and says 'Please give it to him.'

Khartes continues, 'I also confirmed the slavers have the girl.' 'Mhaliah will want to set off soon. They have quite a large number of guards. More than I have ever seen before. '
Khartes pauses to think then continues, 'they may be expecting a rescue mission.'
Khartes says 'Please tell the girl's mother her daughter is well and I was able to tell her that she loves her and that rescue is coming.'

Upon receiving the report from Master Norry, Mhaliah sits to write another letter.

Friends of Andor,

Your assistance in this matter would be most greatly appreciated. Those who answer Andor's call to assist even the lowest of citizens assists the Queen herself, may she live forever. We will need to travel together, all who wish to join in this quest please prepare yourself and come to Caemlyn. We will set off from there. Once we have the numbers necessary to wipe out this slaver filth, we will depart. There will be rewards for those able to assist.

Mhaliah M'taal Under-Lieutenant of the Queen's Elite

Mhaliah gives the paper to a scribe with orders to create copies and distribute to criers throughout Andor.

ooc: My master quest is issued, I will log in on Friday March 19th at around 7PM eastern. If there are not enough folks we will push it to sometime early afternoon on Saturday. If you join you will get a chance to roll for da'es Ashan and any other nice things I get by then. Great appreciation to Raal for such a great gift on making rank 7 qps.