Varnayl Aldrnari, the Dragon Reborn

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Varnayl Aldrnari, the Dragon Reborn

Post by Varnayl » Wed Mar 03, 2021 12:15 pm

A pristine cut of parchment is tacked to every gate and posted at every inn in the land

To the men and women of the light, lords and ladies, kings and queens, and commoners alike,

I am Varnayl Aldrnari, male channeler, and the Dragon Reborn. Many have already flocked to my banner and more will as the movement grows. The last battle is upon us and we must unite in the battle against the shadow. The prophecies will be fulfilled, the sword that is not a sword will be pulled from the stone, bonds will be broken, and the world will be forged anew!

For those of you who are ready and willing to follow under my banner, send me a letter and I can start to marshal our forces. If you do, indicate your allegiance by placing it in your title so that our enemies may know of our might. Those of you who choose to resist my armies will be forced to bend knee or be cast aside.

This is the word of the Dragon Reborn!

Lord Varnayl, Lord of the Morning, the Dragon Reborn