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From the hilltop, Child Halfhand watched the cleanup of the terrible battle of the infested village.
Smoke still poured from the interior of the village in the dawn light, as Children of the Light dragged the last bodies to the clearing.
Three large piles of the body of Shadowspawn, mostly Trollocs, but a few Halfmen as well and other unmentionables. At least a dozen fists.
And across the clearing was the sombering line of unmoving bodies in burnished armor and covered in their white cloaks. The cost of their fight against the ancient enemy. Ready to be loaded back to rest in peace in the Fortress crypts.

"I think that's all of them." Child Vladd said as he rode up. "We're done here."
The piles of Shadowspawn bodies began to burn and flare up, as the last evidence of the village's corruption purged into smoke.

Except one. Halfhand continued to study the massive letter staining the village's front gate in blood:

"No, this is not the end. This is just the beginning."