A Hunter's Call

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A Hunter's Call

Post by stela » Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:03 pm

Blighted trees looked white under flits of lightning from the dark sky above. The sound of loud, bone-jarring thunder boomed throughout the blighted stedding reaching south from the depths of Thakan’dar itself. The sound of hooves on the path and heavy breathing were muffled by the howling winds that rushed through the stedding as a brass storm lantern moved through the woods just ahead. They were close, they could smell her. The scent stuck to her as she rushed towards the deepest part of the woods, the brass lantern swaying violently as she maneuvered through the foliage and down the path, pulling branches behind her as she moved in hopes of throwing her attackers off their trail. The smell of time, musty and ancient from navigating the way gates told them she was still there, but the path was obscure as the tracks seemed to go everywhere. Frustrated whimpers could be heard nearby as the hooded figure tore into them for their inability to perform basic tasks, loudly reprimanding them. They were close, too close.

One by one the monstrous beasts began falling behind, their heavy armor and weapons of enormous proportion weighing them down under a most rigorous search which had turned into a marathon. The hooded figure reared the shadow stallion on the path, summoning his followers before him. The sound of cracking bones and more whimpering ensued as dark tendrils crept from it’s body, compelling the group of trolloc raiders. Their limbs although in pain, felt as if they could continue the hunt. Renewed by the dark one’s own gifts and driven by fear, they scampered to their feet once more and began searching the blighted stedding at his command. As the trollocs spread out near the opening of the Heart of the blighted stedding the hooded figure turned it’s gaze down the path. Lightning flashed overhead, the path illuminated. Just as quickly as the bright white light had revealed an empty path, there was something discarded in the middle..

A brass storm lantern quietly burned into the night, the glow of fire dancing quietly weathering the storm. It almost mocked the hooded figure just with it's presence, glaring back at the face of darkness, illuminating the path with a warm glow symbolic of hope..Perplexed the hooded figure approached, quickly filling with rage that they had been duped by their opponent who had managed to evade them this long. The entrance to the Heart of the Blighted Stedding lay just ahead. Suddenly, without warning the glow of another lantern appeared in the distance. Then several more. The sound of shuffling foot steps could be heard down the path. A pack of angry ogiers exploded out of the Heart of the Blighted stedding, startling the large shadow stallion and it’s rider. The hooded figure hissed under it’s breath as it called for the trollocs. Hatchets gleamed in the night and armed Ogier appeared in large numbers as they rushed to protect the stedding. A great battle ensued..

Smiling to herself she closed the old story book and placed it on the bedside table. The younglings had fallen fast asleep. Snoring could be heard throughout the bungalow. They had heard this bed time story many a day before, and they all looked forward to the day they would protect the stedding just as the victors had that night deep in the blight. Tucking them in gently, pulling large dark green blankets of wool over each one she picked up an old brass lantern and closed the oak door behind her. Walking out onto the platform high above the forest floor in Tree Top City Stela allowed her thoughts to drift back to that night as if it were yesterday. The pull of her cloak shook her from her thoughts as one of the smaller ogier was not quite ready for bed afterall.

“Stela, I can’t sleep..do you think there are enough of us to beat the bad guys???”

Tufting her large ears playfully Stela reached down and picked up the smaller ogier, bringing her to the edge of the platform to gaze out at the stars.

Smiling, Stela pointed out the little white orbs of burning gas in the night sky.

“You see each of those little white twinkling lights? Each one represents an ogier if not here, somewhere willing to protect the forest and our own. The others are brave warriors who will help us when the time comes”

“Now, it’s time to get some sleep. You can’t expect to help if you don’t get a good nights rest” joked Stela as she sent the youngling off to bed.

Smiling to herself as she walked back out to the platform and staring up at the sky again, she wondered.. who will heed the call?
Who will come to the Great Forest to protect her?

The Foresters are very interested in meeting hunters that are interested in learning the way of the woods, protecting our natural resources, and being good stewards of the light. Please send me a letter in forums telling us about who you are, what you wish to accomplish as a Forester, and any other important facets of your life. We look forward to meeting you, protectorate of the light and savior of the woods. Will you be the champion we are looking for?