The Summoning

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The Summoning

Post by halfhand » Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:11 pm

The Old Knight marched down the austere Hall of the Fortress of Light, his heavy footsteps echoing through the corridor. But where they would have once mixed with serene peace, they now blended with the din of rushed activity in the Fortress. The heart of the Fortress pulsed with the blazing furnaces that glowed hot through the night, as squads of armorers hammer furiously away at the forge.

The Old Knight entered the reception atrium with purpose. There, a long table carved of pure marble slab was flanked by over a dozen empty high-backed chairs. Longswords lay on the table, facing away from each empty seat. He walked to the chair at the head, touching its smooth back thoughtfully, before taking his seat.

A Child of Light soldier entered now, saluting smartly. "Sir, the messengers are ready. And the signal fire has been stoked. Is it time?"

The Old Knight drew his sworn sword and set it firmly on the table. He faced the empty seats with the swords hungering for their owners' return.
"It is time. The need is great. Send the word far and wide. Summon the Legions. The Light shall ride."