Mess around, find out

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Mess around, find out

Post by Bakkus » Wed Jul 10, 2024 5:36 am

A humid cell
An oppressively low ceiling that allows only enough room to stoop uncomfortably, four grey stone walls and a wooden bucket is all that is visible in the dim light cast by the guttering flame of a candle. There is no hope here, the room is designed to ensure that. A small opening in the ceiling offers the only escape from this horrible existence. The heat is sticky and oppressive.
[ obvious exits: U ]
Zone: Somewhere in Mayene
Door up: Stoneceiling

Bakkus is sprawled here, eyes blackened and blood slowly dribbling from his swollen mouth. A burning sensation in his back pulls him into the waking world. With a groan he rolls on to his side and starts to tongue the space where his right incisor used to be.

Bakkus mutters ‘Damn Aldwyn, I used to have a such a charming smile.’ and spits a wad of congealed blood onto the floor.

Bakkus remarks ‘What in the light am I going to do now?’

Bakkus sinks back into the deep, dark embrace of unconsciousness.