A reminder of the White Tower banishment from Mayene

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A reminder of the White Tower banishment from Mayene

Post by Naomi » Mon Apr 29, 2024 10:02 pm

A signpost with a newly nailed notice can be found in various places at the border between Tear and Mayene. It reads:

As a reminder, the banishment imposed upon all members of the White Tower is still in effect.

This banishment forbids the entrance upon Mayene soil during this time. Lands designated as such under this banishment are: Mayene, the Mayene Peninsula, and the Drowned Lands.

The only exception to this banishment is if the forces of the Shadow are seen in the territory. After such a threat has been removed, and you are safe for travel, you will be expected to leave the borders.

Any members of the White Tower found to be breaking this banishment moving forward will be subject to the laws of Mayene and viewed as a criminal.

The document is signed and stamped with the seal of each Second of Mayene.