A New Hope

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A New Hope

Post by Theresa » Sun Jul 02, 2023 6:09 pm

I apologize for the delay but travels have been slowed due to weather lately. The non-profit I started for Maerone has been doing wonderful. Many generous donations came in, most notably 8,000 crowns from Dartes. The people of Maerone owe their gratitude as do I. This was such a success that I will continue to raise funds through donations and auctions. Another generous contributor to the well being of Maerone has put in my possession numerous weapons that can help fight off the criminals in Maerone and any darkspawn that you may need to dispose of. Please look out for the auctions that will include a maul, darkened tridents, razored longswords, among a few other items.


On behalf of the people of Maerone, I express my gratitude to all the donors and supporters who have contributed to this cause. It's the collective efforts of caring individuals like yourself and the generosity of donors that truly make a difference in communities.

For those of you, I have not gotten to speak with you can read these papers to understand more.