Shienaran Lancers are recruiting!

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Shienaran Lancers are recruiting!

Post by Mantas » Sun Apr 30, 2023 4:59 am

The sun had just set over your village, and you had finished your day's work. As you walked towards the local inn to relax for the evening, you noticed a group of travelers gathered in the village square. Curious, you approached them and saw that they were three recruitment officers from the Shienaran Lancers.

They were proclaiming the virtues of joining their elite cavalry unit, and you found yourself listening intently. As they spoke of adventure, brotherhood, and the art of dying, you felt a spark of excitement ignite within you. You had always dreamed of leaving your quiet village and making a name for yourself in the wider world. Perhaps the Shienaran Lancers could offer you that chance.

After the officers finished their pitch, you approached them hesitantly. "Excuse me, sirs," you said. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I know I'm just a simple villager, but... well, I've always dreamed of being a hero. Do you think I could join your ranks?"

The officers regarded you with interest, and one of them clapped you on the back. "Of course, lad," he said. "The Shienaran Lancers are always looking for brave souls willing to fight for the light. Are you ready to join us?"

For a moment, you hesitated, knowing that this decision would change the course of your life forever. But then you thought of the adventure that awaited you, the chance to fight for something greater than yourself. You nodded resolutely. "Yes," you said. "I'm ready."

And with that, you took your first step towards becoming a Shienaran Lancer, ready to ride forth into the unknown and embrace the art of dying with every breath.


We're open for new recruits!

- Find us online and say 'HEY!' (or any other catchy phrase)
- Be level 41+ (we're not kidding about the dying part, you need a buffer!)
- Don't be a channeler or rogue
- Don't be wanted by any LS clan
- Be curious about the northern zones and PK, you don't have to be an expert (yet) - it's part of the process!

If you have trouble finding us online, send our forum group (Shienaran Lancers) a forum-mail expressing your interest and we will contact you.