A Response to Accusations

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A Response to Accusations

Post by Loret » Tue Jan 24, 2023 9:28 am

To all of those who walk in the light,

Let it be known, under normal circumstances I would relish the opportunity to remove an Aes Sedai from this turning of the wheel. However, when fighting the hordes of trollocs, the eyeless, and dreadlords, the dark will always be a greater threat than any Aes Sedai, even if not by much. I have spent countless days and nights defending Fal Dara and fighting along side all walks of life. I have never broken any laws of Fal Dara.

Yesterday in the heat of battle, I made a mistake. I had my eyes set on plunging my knife deep into the backside of Axxye, the dreadlord. In the commotion and general chaos of battle, I accidentally met the wrong target and deeply injured Relena Sedai. This was not my intent nor did I get pleasure from this mishap. At the time, our group of the light were all depending on one another to band together and overcome Axxye, the eyeless that accompanied him, and our other foes.

I encourage all of you to act based on the facts, that Relena Sedai and I have discussed the scenario, and both agree there was no malicious intent. Please consider my immediate request for clemency and my past contributions to protecting the north lands. My actions do not reflect all of the Children of the Light or Hand of the Light, but only of my own. It was my error and I am willing to take responsibility for my lack of discipline and misfortune. I would like to dispel any accusations of being a dark friend at this time. I encourage you to speak with Relena Sedai if you feel this was malicious and don't believe the words I am telling you.

I will continue to fight the dark despite these setbacks. That is what is most important to me at this time. I hope we can all move past this soon and return to fighting side by side again against the bigger threat in the north.