A Rumble Near the Lakes

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A Rumble Near the Lakes

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:08 pm

Uren Gazar, plumed helmet in the crook of one arm, entered the Majestic Pearl Dome at a brisk pace and gave the First a look that unsettled the room. Aleis quickly stepped to the side and beckoned him to follow her to where they stood apart from the rest of the room.

"They are coming?" She asked. She had read the report that detailed an uprising that swelled toward the city. Stranded men and tribal warriors, tattooed and belligerent. Wild-eyed. Uren nodded. "We don't know if this will press the Guardians. Light, but the ground is moving. I feel it under my feet."

Aleis paused and tapped her fingers rhythmically against her dress as she considered the options.

"Pull our forces within the known reach of the Guardians. Shift all assets to the south. Protect our southern gates at all cost." Uren looked suddenly concerned and stared. "The south? What of the other news? The army from the north?" Aleis sighed, but shook her head. "Rumors of a bandit army are nothing. They will be stopped by Andor long before they reach out borders. We must focus our energies to the south. We must be ready for when the attack comes."

Uren sighed, but nodded and withdraw to spread the news among the troops. They would reinforce the southern gates, and would wait. The scouts would report if anything was sighted, but Light, had they drafted enough troops? Were the Wall Guards ready? They would be. He did not see the wedges turn black as he hurried out of the room, but he knew what the gasps likely meant.