An explosive reminder

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An explosive reminder

Post by Kordin » Sat Jan 08, 2022 12:54 pm

The tavern shakes, its walls bending. Kegs, mugs, plates and patrons all falling down. The bartender ducks below the counter, the barmaid runs out screaming, and the chef is dodging falling kitchen knives, frying pans and cooking pots.

Outside the evening sky is set alight by a blazing, giant rocket flying high over the skies of Cairhien, from somewhere north of the city judging by the trail of smoke.

It explodes sending a thunderous shock wave across the city, breaking glass, piercing eardrums....

A display of sparks in various colors is lingering in the sky, spelling out an announcement...

Festival of High Chasaline will being in one hour from now. Those wishing to attend, please be in Master Luca's Menagerie or in the city of Cairhien.

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