An Apology to the People of Tar Valon and all Memebers of the White Tower

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An Apology to the People of Tar Valon and all Memebers of the White Tower

Post by kalm » Wed Jul 21, 2021 1:19 pm

Kalm slowly removed the white cloak from his shoulders, sighing slightly and shaking his head... The world had seen simple once, black and white, good and evil, they were absolutes to him.

But now that had all changed, it was as though scales that had once been balanced swayed beneath new weights, Things were not as clear as they had seemed and Kalms work, the work of the hand that Seeks the Truth, had seemingly been one more thing that was not as clear cut as it used to feel.

With some regret for the brothers and sisters he would lose with his decision he neatly folded the pristine garment and laid it on his bed. Walking to his writing desk he read once more the words of the letter placed there, the ink now dry for many hours. The resignation of his post had been a difficult decision but one he had had to make.

No longer could he abide that all channleres were darkfriends, he had seen the work they did firsthand in destroying the Dark Ones minions, it did not sit right that the dark would weaken itself to such a dgree just to maintain the falsehood that these channelers were not darkfriends. Logic dictated that the people of the White Tower could not all be sworn to the dark.

The teachings spoke of the Blasphemy of using the One Power, the power of the creator, but surley the creator had allowed for such people to harness it no? The questions rolled through his head in a never ending cycle, answers from both camps making themselves heard, but his faith in the teachings was gone. It was too contradictory, there were too many variables...things werent black and white!

With a nod of resolve he closed the letter sealing it with wax. With that he turned away from the life he had once known. Striding down the hallways of the Fortress of the Light, looking upon the place he had called home for so many years for the final time Kalm reached the stables, calling the stable hand over he had his mount prepared.

As he rode through the gates of the fortress he called over to the watch captain there. "There is a letter on the writing desk in my rooms, ensure it reaches the High Inquisitor Sealed."

With a tap of his heels he moved the horse onwards to his new home. He had been to Far Madding on a number of occasions, he needed time to think about the revelations he had made, time away from the possibility he had been wrong, a safe haven of a sort from the use of the One Power until he could confirm his new beliefs on that subject. He was and had been a good Soldier and had already made some enquiries into once more donning an honest soldiers uniform and once more protecting people in a way that didnt make him question his choices. His life as a Child of the Light was over, it was time for a new life to begin.


To all members of the White Tower,

For Many years I was a member of an Organisation that reviled you for doing what comes naturally to you, channeling the One Power. I can not say I was forced into this belief and I will not go into my reasons for those beliefs but I am a man who understands the world, It has taken me a long time and a lot of questioning of myself to come to understand that I was wrong.

The Children of the Light and the Hand of the Light have taken to an extreme a prejudice that I can no longer believe in. The teaching of Lothair Mantelar are no basis for a way of life, they are the words of a group of people who lack understanding and turn their fear of the unknown into a Hatred.

I can no longer Abide this attitude and thus renounce these teachings.

Things can not be as black and white as the Children of the Light seem to believe and as such I have come to the understanding that, just because one is born with a gift, it is not the gift that makes one a darkfriend, it is their actions and beliefs.

For all who I have caused harm, be that through direct conflict, the harm of their loved ones and friends, my "other duties" I apologise. I will not step away from my past and pretend that it did not happen, but I will look it square in the face and say No More will I allow myself to undertake that work.

Please accept this missive as my formal apology for the many acts of agression and wrong doing I have undertaken against the people of Tar Valon and the White Tower and as a formal decleration of my renunciation of the Teachings of Lothain Mantelar followed by the Children of the Light.

Signed in a bold hand,

Kalm al'Azrik