A singed parchment left on the local notice board

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A singed parchment left on the local notice board

Post by Kordin » Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:53 am

A singed parchment pinned on the local notice board. The following is written on it with charcoal...

Due to several recent inquiries, the Guild of Illuminators would like to remind everyone on how fireworks may be procured, should one wish to do so, and should our magazine for bulk sales be empty. Which it currently is.

You may seek out our good friends in the Guild of Brokers. These affable brokers usually conduct their business in the following places:
  • Deven Ride
  • Lugard
  • Fal Dara
The are very stubborn with the price of their services, and demand only gold rings in exchange for the fireworks provided by the Guild.

If they currently do not have any fireworks in stock, your gold ring will be returned and the Guild would like to ask you for patience. More will be deposited with our affable friends as soon as possible. Production is as fast as possible, under very limited circumstances.

Should you require, they also provide their brokering services for Wisdoms so you may also ask them for potions provided by the Women's Circle. The Guild records show these are last known deals required by the brokers;
  • five vials of refreshing liquid- a shimmering pendant of obsidian or a shimmering chain
  • four cups of syrup - a red robe or an earthern brown mantle
  • four vials with red liquid - a red robe or an earthen brown mantle
  • four bubbling draughts - a red robe or an earthen brown mantle
  • four strength teas - a red robe or an earthen brown mantle

A soot stained piece of fine paper is attached to the singed parchment with fuse wire.

Guild of Illuminators is accepting applications for apprenticeship throughout the year.

The successful apprentice will be dedicated, loyal unto death to the Guild, bright, respectful, and possessed of a firm and steady hand. Fireproof skin is an asset, albeit rare. A bent for pyromania and an appreciation of the artistry of light is helpful.

Applicants must have 25 times the experience of a stripling lad or lass. Must have a decent family name (RP title - last name) and be recognizable (decent RP descripction and format)as you will travel a lot, representing the Guild and your Master or Mistress.

As such, the first test of your worth is a letter of application, relating who you are and providing an explanation of why you would pursue the calling to become a Guardian of the Night’s Light.

After that seek out one of our assistants in every major city, and speak to them about JOINing the GUILD. They will guide you where you need to go. Following those simple instructions is your second test of worth. Do try to spark up.

After careful consideration, you will be contacted by return of post to inform you of the decision of the Guild. Those rare few who are presented to Master Padrach for acceptance into the Guild are sure to one day be crafters of the highest caliber.

Gymnasts, singers, musicians, comedians and other practitioners of other arts may find their time better dedicated to pursuing application with the Gleemen.


Master Kordin al'Dendarii
Tanchico Chapterhouse
Guild High Council