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Re: North PK Related Changes

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2022 4:57 pm
by Feneon
The northern Seanchan outpost has been collecting dangerous looking barrels. Trollocs and humans, wary of the intention, have set out to intercept the barrels. Having noted this the Seanchan have kept them under lock and key in the barndoor of the outpost.

Contest will be open till Friday to see who accumulates the most barrels. LS turn barrels into the Shienaran spy (thief practice E S U N W of Uno). DS turn barrels into a lithe ravenmaster (E S W U S of Gatekeep).

Everyday the barrel count will convert into an amount of mobs scattered for LS or DS around the Fal Dara road after reboot and it will change based on that count.

Update 11/1/22

The surplus of the contents of the dangerous looking barrels have been converted to fireworks given to soldiers and goat trollocs on the southern Fal Dara road near cut. There's a bit of the cooldown once used, so you can't just spam it, but every soldier and goat trolloc in that area will set fireworks for the correct race if you say explosion.

Two members of the Shienaran heavy Cavalry have been set to patrol near stoutdoor.

Current barrel tally:

LS 5
DS 2

Re: North PK Related Changes

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2022 12:48 pm
by Feneon
Barrels have been collecting, now it's time for scalps.

Final Tally:
6 LS
2 DS

Kill the Seanchan High Lord (levels of him and mobs adjusted based on observed difficulty) and bring the scalp to the spy in Fal Dara or the raven master in Keep. They will provide you with a patrol of mobs. Bring that to the zone with the Seanchan camp. Near boot I will check to see how many patrols are left living in the area. Whichever side sustains the largest number of patrols over the course of the weekend will replace the Seanchan in the north, in one way or another.

Obviously, the intention is to take a patrol from Keep or Fal Dara to the zone areas (FD RD, Granlin, Cut zone). Do not stack them in doors. Do not use these patrols for other areas. If we need further restrictions we will add them here.

Final score point from will bring a wandering master of the blade from Andor to the borderlands.

Re: North PK Related Changes

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:39 pm
by Feneon
As trollocs won the contest to collect the most patrols and leave them in the area Seanchan outpost replaced with a trolloc outlet mall--a makeshift garrison with two shops. Siffas has moved to fill the security duties of the location. Siffas is now outdoors, but his room has a monolith that prevents certain weaves.

Re: North PK Related Changes

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2023 10:46 am
by Feneon
No-mob 1s Agelmar removed, no-mob at bar removed in Fal Dara, and no-mob at drawbridge moved to 1n of crossing.