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Code Updates

Post by Itesh » Mon Oct 11, 2021 4:47 am

From Aureus:
  • Newbies no longer give blood for Trollocs when viciously slain. Or slain in any fashion. Qualitavely, I suppose, the degree of slay is irrelevant.
  • Players below level 20 who aren't newbies now give half as much blood as before.
  • Resolved bug where the very last mob to exist wouldn't mobol. Did it with a single character - what a pro!
Thanks, Aureus

From Itesh
  • Pretty tediously made rent work in a zone where it didn't, for Giramael.
  • With an aching sense of ennui did the same thing for Elysia in a different place.
  • Speculatively did that for me, too. Was less boring, due to self-centredness.
  • Also disabled a command properly in two places where it mattered.
My list is less good.

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