New feature: rpkudos.

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New feature: rpkudos.

Post by Elysia » Sat Apr 03, 2021 8:58 pm

A lot of in character interaction is really not worth posting in forums about, because they are not special, nor would they really be worth a qp. It's the everyday chit chat in a square as people pause there, or a brief encounter in a rent. However, these interactions do contribute to the atmosphere.

Starting now, you can give rpkudos. Three rpkudos will be 1 qp for clanned, or 100 gcs for unclanned. The mobol for this feature can be found on Argles, the invisible mobs who semote.

Saying help in the room of an Argle the RoleplayMob will now also list the commands you can use with these, which will also serve as a quick way to find out if a room has an Argle:

You say 'help'
The following commands are available: say help rpkudos, say help semote.

You say 'help semote'
Any clanned person can use argles to semote, aka special emote.
Use: tell argle semote a white dove flaps its wings and lands before cooing.

If you are level 35 or higher SAY GIVE RPKUDOS NAME FOR REASON
This will put your rpkudos in a queue to be picked up by the recipient later.
Note, you should NOT award yourself. Everything is recorded and abuse will be punished.

This will process the rpkudos left for you.
If your rpkudos tally from previous and current pickups is up to three rpkudos,
You will be awarded one questpoint if clanned and 100 gold crowns if unclanned.

Rpkudos are intended to be small awards for being in character.

For example: a short in character interaction.
For example: seeing someone act in a manner that befits their clan.
For example: being consistently in character on globals.

One word of caution, you CANNOT use rpkudos on someone in the same room. That's a failsafe before some genius thinks it's a good idea to award themselves.

Also, again, I repeat, all these rpkudos drop offs are recorded. If there's shenanigans, there will be a record. If there's a record, it will be caught. If you're caught... DOOM.

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