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Information About Coaches

Post by Elysia » Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:30 pm


This has been one of the most frequently requested things from southern clans: a coach from the Two Rivers to Fal Dara. It has been a temporary change a few times as well.

During those temporary changes, I always felt that people were less likely to sigh at the distance they had to cross to join in pk, smobbing or clan activities and were more likely to continue playing. We're running a trial to see if those effects are long term if such a coach is implemented going both ways.

As of now, there is a coachman in Watch Hill and one west of Fal Dara's Dog Gate. The fare is 10 gold crowns and the coachman will not be accepting coach tickets.


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Information About Coaches

Post by Feneon » Thu Jan 05, 2023 2:28 pm

We've added a few more direct lines from various spots to the Four Kings. These are all no-mobs as well.
  • Fields Near a Coach Stop to Caemlyn -- Baerlon
    Coach Stop on the Caemlyn Road -- Whitebridge
    Coach Stop Amidst A Thick Grassy Field -- Emond's Field
    Coach Stop By a Duck Pond -- Deven Ride
    A Coach Stop Near A Large Sea Bird Nest -- Mayene
    A Coach Stop Near the Hidden Pond -- Fal Dara road

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Information About Coaches

Post by Feneon » Wed Mar 15, 2023 5:54 pm

The coach stops, all apart from the Fal Dara road location, have been removed.

S&H coach and CW coach starting points have been moved so 2 mobs do not sit in the same room and both respond to the word coach.
A few hard to track coaches/boats have been removed. Garvin, Arlyn, and the farmer with the wagon near Illian. This should make it more obvious when people are going to Seandar to hit smobs.

Baerlon-Sidona coach is no longer a unique mob, but now works as the common coachman mob.
All public coaches now have the name Coach Stop in the room. This should be useful for consistency. In any of these rooms you can now say fare / coach / ticket and he'll give the destination.

The route between Watch Hill and Fal Dara has been reduced to the standard price of 5 crowns or a coach ticket.

6 New routes have been added in an attempt to make every major city at least two routes from Andor.

Fal Dara Road >< Whitebridge
Tar Valon >< Cairhien
Irinjavar >< Katar
Bandar Eban >< Tanchico
Whitebridge >< Emond's Field
Mayene >< Lugard

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