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Pets and Boats

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 1:16 pm
by Ranam
After years of heartbreak and pets being abandoned to wander the streets, a fix is in.

You can now say "meet me aringill", swapping out aringill with any of the seven river boat ports, to send your pet to meet you at the disembark room for each port. It may wander a room, but will remember you.

It should work for the following pets:

A long-eared rabbit is here, looking quite sick.
A trained peregrine falcon flies overhead, scouting.
A fierce merlin cries shrilly as it dives low for a kill.
A small dog is here, barking furiously.
A scrawny puppy sniffs the ground for food here.
A black dog is here, wagging its tail.
A black cat meanders to an unknown destination.
A mangy cat scurries around trying not to get stepped on.
A chicken wanders around here, pecking at the ground.

If I've missed a pet, it doesn't actually work or there's another location you think should be added, let me know.