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Cairhien Innkeeps

Post by Vehruer » Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:11 pm

The Innkeep Guild of Cairhien in conjunction with the Rising Sun are pleased to announce a new initiative in patron relations.

Henceforth, only the Defender of the Dragonwall shall allow the uninhibited passage of patrons.

The Great Tree and The Bunch of Grapes will now restrict access to only those clans that have received prior approval from the Rising Sun. You may direct all enquiries to such esteemed group.

If your clan does not have an agreement with the Rising Sun, or if you are not part of a clan, you may talk to the soldier posted outside the Inns about purchasing a day pass to access the Inn of your choice. Just knock on the door and you'll shortly receive a response.

It is also noted that Gleemen and Illuminators are, as always, welcome to all Inns in Cairhien.

Thanks to Korsik for his work in implementing this. Complaints may go to him. All praise and salutary exclamations may be directed to my mailbox.

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