Darkfriend system update

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Darkfriend system update

Post by Vehruer » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:13 am

Significant changes have been made to the darkfriend system. I would call this more of an update than an overhaul, but, the changes will be noticeable to those in the system.


Book lore should still guide any interested in starting, and how to go about starting by finding a friend of the dark.

This path is for experienced players only.


You should talk to your existing contacts (mobs) about new tasks they have for you.

Mail or discord Vehruer if you have any questions.


Those existing darkfriends who haven't progressed will be given a few months to show their interest.

Dark gifts will be stripped from those who do not continue their service to the Dark One, and you will then, if you do return to the game, be put on the path of the new system, rather than continuing under the old.


Check your own forums for an update shortly.

These changes took an enormous number of hours of work by about eight different immortals - we all hope the system is an improvement for all.

If there's any bugs, be sure to report them to me. Bugs include something that seems to be much easier than it should be.

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Re: Darkfriend system update

Post by Vehruer » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:26 pm



Players are now free to complete all quests, regardless of whether you have previously done the same or similar quest under the previous system.


We do not see that there is a need for a DF forum now, so, to preserve secrecy, we'll be removing that forum.

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Re: Darkfriend system update

Post by Giramael » Thu May 07, 2020 6:37 am

Itinerant Peddler seems to have been broken, and for quite some time. He has been neither awarding alt qps, brokering potions to DS or even acknowledging interactions as far as potions are concerned. I've fixed him today. Use today's date as your reset mark for counting your 150 alt qps from this mob, ie all darkfriends are assumed to have ZERO qps from this mob prior to today to stay in line with Vehruer's quest announcement above.


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