Stats worse than prerolled...

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Stats worse than prerolled...

Post by Elysia » Sun Apr 05, 2020 8:48 pm

There are people out there with 11 con fcs, 13 con rogues and whatnot.

If your character's stats are dramatically below the prerolled stats options listed below, either because you pre-date prerolled stats or because you were a newbie at that time, please send Elysia a mail and I'll see if you are a candidate for having stats be brought to prerolled level. I have no set guidelines, so I'll have to judge each case individually. It might be that if you're 13 19 19 18 11, you can potentially get your con buffed to 13 by lowering some other stat. This is not about upping the stats of people who consciously made a choice to take a hit to a certain stat, but to make things more fun for those who were oblivious at the time. This also means that if you opted for rerolls that force you to shelve a character until the next, this gesture is not intended for you.

For LS/ SS:
Warrior: 19 13 14 15 19
Hunter: 18 11 12 17 19
Rogue: 17 12 11 19 17
Female channeler: 13 16 17 17 13

For DS:
Warrior: 19 7 7 15 19
Hunter: 18 7 7 17 19
Rogue: 17 8 8 19 17

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