Code updates: Known Darkfriends, Slice Weaves, misfading, retools

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Code updates: Known Darkfriends, Slice Weaves, misfading, retools

Post by Aureus » Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:22 pm

As of the next reboot:

- [From the cadaverous hands of Itesh] Known DFs can lead shadow stallions.
- Known DF status will show up in whois: Aureus of Murandy is a human, a known Darkfriend.
- Known DFs don't get the Lord/Lady title when they have the master flag.
- Expanded the list of rare and unique items that cannot be retooled by the master blacksmith, and we can now edit that list in-game instead of only via code updates. So, please let us know if you find any rares/uniques that can still be retooled.
- Fades can no longer misfade/randifade into restricted rooms: godrooms, unreleased/unfinished rooms, no-teleport rooms, etc. So fades should find themselves stuck and requiring admin intervention less often.
- Slice Weaves is 1 pulse faster to avoid point-of-no-return ties with Flamestrike and similar length weaves.

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