New minizone:Sharan trade town PLUS two Daes Dae'mar additions.

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New minizone:Sharan trade town PLUS two Daes Dae'mar additions.

Post by Elysia » Sun Jun 20, 2021 10:12 pm

New minizone:Sharan trade town PLUS two Daes Dae'mar additions.

An important note:

As of the moment of the writing of this post, only the Sharan trade town is in. It'll take hours to implement the other sections and after a roleplay event, my brain is noping out.

I've been monitoring the various Daes Dae'mar trades, to see how much they yield. Andor, Illian and Far Madding are doing well, Two Rivers less so and Cairhien is/was abysmal. That prompted Vampa to come up with an alternative: jewelry crafting. Jewelry crafting has oft been discussed even since the original weapon and eq guilds, but it never came to fruition. Until now.

However, I took that ball and -RAN- with it. Because jewelry needs ingredients. While we have nuggets of gold, we were lacking silver. Gold and presumably silver can be purified during smelting. Now, gold nuggets can be found around the southern Mountains of Mist and we have Silver Mines slightly north, so it would make sense if a smelter was on that side of the map. Enter Bandar Eban. Using the Baerlon acquired mining skills from that guild, you will be able to mine for raw gold ore and take that, or found nuggets, to Bandar Eban for smelting. You can do the same with silver mined in the Silver Mines. (To be imped)

You pay the smelter a fee for every successfully smelted gold or silver bullion.

You can then take said gold or silver bullion and do two things: give it to the raw materials broker (mobol to be imped) take it to the Cairhien goldsmith (to be imped). Using a variety of ingredients and a payment of gold, you will then be able to have jeweled wristcuffs, obsidian pendants, shimmering chains of gold, torcs of gleaming steel, gold rings, gold and ivy rings and cuendillar belts crafted. If you are a friend of Cairhien, you get a discount.

Where would one acquire obsidian or cuendillar, you ask?

Ever wonder what the heck Kiraf is doing, being a vagabond ringleader in that desolate corner of the Waste? The man isn't an Aiel, but he must make a living somehow. So, 1+1=2 and: overland trade is the answer! While there were many more traders using the Aiel Waste routes (bookishly, Shienar, Cairhien and Tear passes into the Waste) prior to the Aiel War, a trickle of that trade still happens. The Sharans are a pretty xenophobic people and westerners can only trade at designated, walled trade towns.

The Cliffs of Dawn border the Aiel Waste on the eastern side and bookishly there are only six places where they are scaleable. One such place is now open. And yes, it sells obsidian and cuendillar to be used in Cairhienin jewelry crafting, as well as some RPish items like the algode that the Aiel wear, which given the water consumption of cotton is likely not local to the Waste.

There is a rent, but you cannot deposit or withdraw there. We have enough rents as it is.
The place doesn't have justice code, but if you anger the populace, the gateguards will interfere the next time you visit.

I yoinked 11 rooms from that football field area of the Waste and turned that into the pass scaling the Cliffs of Dawn.
I added three new desert animals that were mentioned in the books but aren't ingame. One, you should be careful of.
The Sharan trade town is comprised of 15 rooms that are part of an old zone that had 20 rooms total (old ims used to delete rooms in zones, but those zones are mangled forever). E.g. the zone was too small to even be assigned to an imm for quests. It's like I used scraps to make a Gleeman's cloak.
Speaking of Gleemen, those also get free passage through the Waste and they can subsequently perform in the tradetown.


Baerlon smelting guild > new gold/silver ore mining in Mountains of Mist = new gold/silver bullion smelting in Bandar Eban.
gold/silver bullion + broker = cash.
gold/silver bullion + ingredients + cash = new jewelry crafting in Cairhien.
Cairhien rents will be re-opened to the public.
New Sharan trade town has some of the exotic/new ingredients needed for jewelry crafting.

I did say I took that ball and ran with it... ;)

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Re: New minizone:Sharan trade town PLUS two Daes Dae'mar additions.

Post by Elysia » Mon Jun 21, 2021 9:32 pm


Mining and smelting mob in Baerlon:
The Baerlon miner has been updated, for all who will newly join the crafting guilds. You will have to be a member of this mining and smelting guild in order to be able to smelt in Bandar Eban.

Mining gold or silver ore:
There are now veins of silver ore in the dundundun Silver Mines and veins of gold ore in the mines between Deven Ride and Yandar. In line with the old iron ore mining, the syntax is not mine iron ore, but MINE GOLD ORE and MINE SILVER ORE. The mobol is different from the mining ore, to make it less complicated. It's more in line with the gem mining, but in this case, after a random amount of mining attempts, the vein will disappear until the next repop.

Bandar Eban smelter:
The Bandar Eban smelter does not require gloves. To start the smelting process, put the gold or silver ore in the crucible and close the crucible. It will then melt and either have too many impurities and fail, or be successful and you end up with gold/silver bullion. You can also put in gold nuggets.

Using the smelter costs 20 gcs per successfully smelted and purified bullion.

Lugard broker:
Gold and silver bullion trading has been added to the raw materials broker in Lugard. The cost is 75 crowns for 1 piece of gold bullion, or 2 pieces of silver bullion. I also added a "buy bars" piece of mobol, that will refer players to the correct syntax of "buy bar", since there was space left.

Royal Jeweler:
The Cairhien Royal Jeweler is now open for business. Once every repop (I'm starting off carefully), one person can craft one item before the goldsmith has work of his own to do. E.g. like the Katar superior weaponsmith, only with this you have 100% success if you bring the ingredients. However, you pay for that 100% success luxury.

All items require a combination of 'ingredients'. Say help to hear them, but to give you an idea:

An obsidian pendant requires two Kandori necklaces, a piece of silver bullion, a shimmering piece of pure black obsidian, and a sum of gold.

All items require 2 'base' items and subsequent rpish items that are reflected in the item's description. E.g. a torc also requires a bar of iron, a cuendillar belt needs cuendillar. Surprisingly, the ivy and gold ring has an emerald in its longdesc, thus that one requires an emerald. A jeweled wristcuff needs a ruby. A gold ring and shimmering chain of gold do not need rpish items, but you pay a little more in gold crowns for those.

Any friend of Cairhien gets a discount on the payment in gold crowns.

All in all, this was like 6 weeks of work, lots of mobol. Chances of bugs and errors: pretty high. I'm not perfect and I know it. ;)

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