A weapons collector / some uniques.

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A weapons collector / some uniques.

Post by Elysia » Wed May 29, 2019 6:08 pm

A weapons collector has arrived in the lands (Lugard and Lockshear), who will pay in turn points (tps) for all unique weapons (minus gold and silver stilettos currently) and all craftable rares.

There are various tiers, where craftable rares and certain uniques yield less tps than items such as Kirukan or Laman's.

Additionally, the cleaver of steel, Blight Killer and heartstone spear that were previously loading in Hinderstap have been made rentable again and will be loaded somewhere, by someone in the near future.

We're hoping that if people will turn in these uniques if they aren't going to play them. Perhaps that way checking for unique activity will be less time consuming. If not, something will have to give wrt the monthly time spent checking for activity.

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Re: A weapons collector / some uniques.

Post by Elysia » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:01 am

This mob will now take "a gleaming blacksword" as well and award 150 tps.

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Re: A weapons collector / some uniques.

Post by Korsik » Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Full listing of items that can be turned in and their TP value is below;

125 TPS
  • an obsidian encrusted sungwood staff
150 TPS
  • a gleaming blacksword
    a darkened steel trident
    a pair of moonstone hilted dirks
    a partisan bearing the arms of Ghealdan
    a gleaming black longsword
    a pair of long-handled war axes
    a razor-sharp longsword
    a pair of gold-hilted hooked swords
    a crimson-hafted battleaxe
    a nimble blade with a cuendillar pommel
    a feathered Kandori paramerion
    a pair of splinted steel greaves
    a pair of splinted steel vambraces
    a tunic of overlapping steel plates
    the battle flail of Shol Arbela
    a simple longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt
    the Blue Scourge of Justice
200 TPS
  • Blight Killer
    an ebony shield inlaid with an onyx fang
    a hammered pair of silver greaves
    a heartstone tipped spear
    a hammered pair of silver vambraces
    Laman's Folly, the spiraled staff of Avendoraldera
    Al'Akir's Despair, the bronze-headed voulge of the Malkieri
    a suit of finely-crafted silver chainmail
    a cleaver of steel
    a silver sai
    the massive blade, da'es Ashan
    the Hatchet of Hawkwing
250 TPS
  • a heron-marked foil
    the glazed katars of Mondoran
    a heron-marked blade with a jeweled hilt
    a jade shafted partisan
    the Sword of Kirukan

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