Shadows Across the Pattern (Ongoing)

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Path to Madness

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Mon Feb 05, 2024 7:52 pm

Lokras' prowess in Tel'aran'rhiod was not as formidable as she had anticipated. She deftly manipulated his targets, shifting them between various dreams before converging them in the Stone of Tear. Tempted by the rare opportunity, they rushed ahead, finding a waiting Lokras and his trolloc. Strangely, Lokras remained idle, observing the group as they destroyed his trolloc companion. Did he believe this would grant him freedom? she wondered. More than likely, he would need to increasingly rely on his ability to channel to compensate for the lost brute strength of the trolloc. Without the Dark One's favor, this would be a path straight to madness. Soon the Tel'aran'rhiod would be hers once more, she smirked to herself as she faded back into the shadows.

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A Defender's Encounter

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Iagin had taken this post years ago but had seen little action since. Living in the mirk was growing tiresome and there was no activity around the encampment. In fact, he had made use of the space to create his own living space. He had spoken to passing soldiers regarding the mountain fortress and even sent a request for a new assignment to Captain Rodrivar. The soldiers only passed on news of the goings on in the city and attacks on the fortress, but nothing ever came back from the Captain. It seemed he was stationed here forever.

The day unfolded like any other; he began making rounds along the foothills, only half-focused on the task. CRACK! The sound reverberated, and an acrid smell filled the air. Smoke rose to the west, and a large tree toppled to the ground. Iagin ran quickly towards the smoke, drawing his weapon as he prepared for the worst.

Expecting Trollocs, Iagin was taken aback by what he saw. A man, garbed in black, shuffled back and forth, speaking in a guttural tongue to the ancient trees. The man screamed a nonsensical phrase before swinging a makeshift weapon at the tree. A loud CRACK echoed as the weapon met wood. Infuriated, the man screamed in rage, and the tree exploded in a ball of fire, sending wooden shrapnel through the air. Iagin and the man were thrown backward as a large branch crashed down, pinning them beneath.

Iagin struggled to free himself and heard a strange growl. Turning his head, he found himself nearly nose to nose with the deranged man. The man sneered and snapped, as if trying to bite off Iagin’s nose. He muttered something, and an unnatural gust of wind tossed the pair through the air.

Iagin was catapulted through the air, splashing into the nearby river. He fought against the current, struggling to reach the bank. With great effort, he pulled himself out of the cold water. As he gasped for breath, confusion clouded his mind. "Where? Who?" he pondered, striving to gather his bearings. The urgency struck him — he needed to report this to Tear swiftly; a madman using the One Power this close to the Stone was a grave concern.

Iagin saw the man in a heap on nearby rocks. Drawing what strength he had, he charged, delivering a mighty kick to the man's head. The man rolled over, and Iagin had a clear look at the bloodied face. Still conscious, if only barely, the man mumbled unintelligibly. Iagin looked around for a weapon to finish the job, picking up a large rock and delivering the final blow.

Panting, exhausted, and confused, Iagin needed to collect himself and report back to Tear. He quickly searched the man’s belongings looking for any clues. Other than his clothing, the man only had a strange obsidian rod. Iagin pocketed it, deciding to hand it to Captain Rodrivar and no one else.
Iagin slowly returned to his encampment, found his horse, and began the ride back to the city. He hoped he would recognize one of the gate guards, he needed to speak to Captain Rodrivar immediately.

As he approached the gate, a defender called out for his name. The gate guard quickly yelled, “Iagin has entered Tear”, before looking at Iagin’s cloak and correcting himself yelling, “Defender Iagin has returned to Tear.”

Iagin swiftly made his way to the Captain's Office. Captain Rodrivar was quickly summoned, and Iagin began recounting his encounter with the madman. Rodrivar nodded gravely throughout. As he finished, Iagin took out the obsidian rod he had pulled from the man and laid it on Rodrivar’s desk.

Rodrivar absorbed it all before picking up the object and addressing his charge, “Good work, Defender Iagin. You have earned a rest from the wilds. Report back to me in a few days for a new assignment.” Iagin smiled broadly at first but turned back to the event, “But what of the rod? What is it?” Rodrivar looked over the rod briefly, “I will see this is put in the Great Holding. It may be nothing, but better to be safe than sorry.” Iagin nodded as he was dismissed and headed off to see his family.

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Secrets of the Stone

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Mogehdien stood waiting in the long-abandoned hideout, she had summoned him nearly an hour ago and he was having difficulty finding the location. She looked through the detailed report and maps of the city again. Such things did not interest her, but it showed that he could move through the city and evade the guards. That should be sufficient she thought to herself. The trapdoor nearby creaked.

A muddied man walked into the cavern and immediately fell to his knees. "Great Mistress, how can I serve?" he blurted out.

"Failure will be met with consequences" Moghedien began. "This was the location used by the Black Ajah to funnel girls to the Seanchan. Berylla Naron took her own life after burning herself out in a battle with the so-called Aes Sedai Kitiara. Her companions also fell, Birlen Pena to a group led by Rodurnon, and the last of the heart was burned out of the pattern by Ishamael himself. Even Dreadlords fall out of favor, Lokras was cast out before he succumbed to the taint."

The man stammered, "I will not fail you Great Mistress."

"Do not fail." Moghedien paused briefly before continuing. "Arrangements have been made for you to enter the Stone."

The man gasped audibly.

Moghedien sneered. "Do not be so faint hearted, you will face larger obstacles if you wish to be raised by the Dark One." She finished detailing the task, “Do not fail and do not touch the Source, that would be worse than failure." sending the man on his way.


The sound of a satisfying heavy thud followed by a thousand coins clattering together inside a satchel filled a small, dimly lit room. An armored figure removed his barred helmet and placed it beside the bag as he knelt. The tears that had been welling in his eyes burst forth as he flipped the opening of the satchel back.

"I'm doing this for my family." He said after a long moment as the reflection of gold in the torchlight danced across his face "If you get caught you are on your own. Go."
The only sounds that followed were the creaking of the metal gate positioned behind the sobbing man and the echoing voices. "Go … go ..."

In here. This is the room. There was a flurry of movement as lids were torn from boxes, priceless items tossed aside as if they were worthless and just as suddenly as it started, the commotion stopped.

This was the first time since entering The Stone that the figure stood perfectly still. A dark statue leering over this dusty wooden box. Carefully they removed each finger of one of their dark gloves and reached into the box. As soon as flesh contacted metal the room crackled with energy. The figure involuntarily stood straight up, every muscle trembling. The pain ... the excruciating, incredible ... power coursed through every vein.

Through quaking muscles, a smile began to form but left just as quickly as the sensation. Which was immediately replaced by another, repulsive one. A hand. "Times up. Get out before someone catches you!"


Moghedien paced around the chamber. It had been hours since the man entered the city, and the loud alarm gong was resonating through the forest air. Footsteps echoed overhead and the trapdoor creaked.

The man stumbled into the chamber, quickly kneeling, and holding out the obsidian rod. Moghedien plucked the rod from his hands and began examining it closely.

"Did you touch the Source?" Moghedien asked.

The man quickly shook his head.

"Good" Moghedien muttered as she turned the rod over in her hands. "Lokras used to use this to open a gate to Altara. I do not know its power, only that it aided him in creating a gateway across a very long distance."

Moghedien continued to turn the obsidian piece in her hands before pausing.

"You would not have seen this, a warding of Saidar. Not one woven by those incompetent Aes Sedai either." Moghedien said with a smile as the man looked at her with a confused expression.

Moghedien stared intently at the rod. A barely audible click came from the rod and the obsidian sheath gave way to a rod of solid gold.

"Tell me, what do you know of the Wyld?" Moghedien asked.

The mans confused expression did not change.

"Nothing as expected." Moghedien sighed. "This is one half of the Sakarnen, a sa'angrael more powerful than Callandor."

The man gasped and blinked rapidly. He clearly did not know the power he had held.

"Tell no one of this discovery, the others would kill if they knew we had such a weapon. We will use this to our advantage." Moghedien finished.

"Yes, Great Mistress..." the man stammered out.

"Be gone, I will summon you when I need you." Moghedien finished before disappearing in a blink of light leaving the stunned man standing in the empty chamber.

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A Spike in the Web

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Moghedien sat, her gaze fixed on the spike before her. These artifacts were rare, known to be held by Ishamael alone. How, then, had Graendal acquired one? If Ishamael intended for her to possess it, he would have delivered it himself. Pondering the possibilities, Moghedien considered that perhaps Graendal had unearthed something in Shara and was using this "gift" to keep her out. She decided to task her charges with gathering information discreetly, hoping to uncover Graendal's motives without raising suspicion.

Returning her focus to the spike, Moghedien recognized its value in preventing the so-called Aes Sedai from suddenly appearing in her territory. Additionally, it would grant her greater control over Tel'aran'rhiod's entry points. The dreams once influenced by Lokras intrigued her, providing an opportunity for experimentation if she could locate suitable subjects. Like a patient spider spinning its intricate web, Moghedien resolved to wait, her schemes unfolding meticulously.

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