The Retreat to the Great Forest

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The Retreat to the Great Forest

Post by Voices of the Wheel » Fri Feb 23, 2024 1:17 pm

Lunal Galgan, Captain-General of the Corenne, gathered up what forces remained from the Tarendrelle outpost and blazed a trail north. The Corenne had set up a strong presence in the city, but it wasn't enough. A tactical retreat was necessary and he knew of the outpost that had been established long before in the Great Forest. He looked back one last time as he chewed on the admonishment he would soon receive. To lose a damane like that, he would surely lose favor.

The Seanchan gathered under cover of darkness and they took their resources north to reinforce what was left of the small patrol in that area.

The Seanchan have abandoned Tarendrelle.

The coach from Falme now goes to Great Forest.
The stable and handler are in the Great Forest, as well as the recruitment officer.
The second coach, to the outpost, now travels between the Great Forest and Jafar.
The rent is connected 1s of Falme Rent for a month or two.

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