Raodar Ramses

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Raodar Ramses

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Name: Raodar Ramses
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Aringill, Andor
Occupation: Adventurer, Hunter
Current residence: Tar Valon


Raised in the serene village of Aringill in Andor, Raodar Ramses's childhood was steeped in simplicity. But amidst the tranquility, his heart burned with a yearning for adventure beyond the village borders. While others were content with the familiar routines, Raodar dreamed of the bustling streets of Caemlyn and the mysteries of Tar Valon.

With a thirst for the unknown, Raodar bid farewell to his family and friends, setting out for Caemlyn with hope in his heart and excitement coursing through his veins. Arriving in the city, he was captivated by its vibrant energy and endless possibilities.

But his thirst for adventure didn't end there. Hearing tales of the grand White Tower and the Aes Sedai who wielded the One Power, Raodar's curiosity was piqued. Determined to see the fabled city of Tar Valon for himself, he embarked on another journey, traversing the lands of Andor until he reached the island city.

As he crossed the bridges leading to Tar Valon, Raodar's heart swelled with awe at the sight of the majestic White Tower towering over the city. Filled with wonder and excitement, Raodar eagerly explored the city, soaking in its rich history and mystical aura. The grandeur of Tar Valon only fueled his thirst for adventure, and he knew that his journey was far from over. With newfound determination, Raodar set his sights on uncovering the secrets of Tar Valon and forging his destiny amidst the legendary Aes Sedai.