Aelrena Solyan's Biography

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Aelrena Solyan's Biography

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Character Bio
Full name: Aelrena Solyan
Nickname(s): Sheinaran Poet, Ael, Wren
Age: One might know better than to ask.
Gender: Female
Preferred Pronoun: She/Her
Nationality: Andoran
Place of birth: A border village of Cairhien and Andor
Clan: Brown Ajah
Job title: Aes Sedai
Current Residence: Brown Ajah Wing in the White Tower

Elemental Affinity: Spirit, Water
Elemental Weakness: Fire

Father: Bronal Solyan, A member of the Queen's Guard
Mother: Reniane Solyan, An herbalist in Caemyln
Siblings: Niesa and Aldrea, a rather mischevious pair of twin girls, Lieran the most active and tomboyish of the girls, and Adran, a boy already showing a penchant for scholarship when Ael left for the Tower.
Mentor: Catisune
Relationships with other characters: Sarinda, Chloro, Penzei, Gesin

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Hair color: Long brown hair which falls about her shoulders in waves
Eye color: umber, mysterious eyes
Skin color: Slight Tan
Type of Face: Ageless face, though underneath the agelessness it appears plain and unremarkable

Bad Habits: Cursing, though she only does so when she's alone.
Hobbies: Baking, Embroidering, Research

Mental Characteristics
Fears: Loss of freedom, lack of relevance
Life Goals (next 5 years): The goals of an Aes Sedai are not for those outside of the White Tower to know, and few of those within it.
Assumed external perception: Absent-minded and distracted
Self-Confidence: Well aware of her own worth, quite confident in her capabilities and aware of her deficiencies.
Rational Or Emotional: Emotional
How could you upset this character? Beyond turning to the Shadow, acting foolish is a sure way to irk Aelrena.

Emotional Characteristics
Is the character an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert, though she's been known to show extroverted qualities at times.
How does the character cope with fury and rage? The calmness of an Aes Sedai
How does the character cope with unhappiness? Quiet, often retreating to a place where she can study.
How does the character cope with rivalry? Pushing Aelrena to consider you a rival would be a feat unto itself.
How does the character cope with new situations? Cautious curiosity
How does the character cope with trouble? Tranquility befitting an Aes Sedai
What’s her meaning of life? People, as the Wheel turns it is people who make a difference in the weavings, it is for them that the Brown Ajah gathers knowledge to help improve the future.
What things motivate the character? Ancient Knowledge, curious initiates, a nice cup of Kaf
What situations scare the character? Loss of the One Power and her freedom, though she'd never allow her fear to show.
What makes this character happy? Study and quiet discussions with other sisters in the Tower, though the other Brown sisters in specific, since they're the ones most likely to listen to her most recent interests.
Is the character often biased? Yes, though she often considers herself unbiased. Despite her best intentions and her own perception, she often puts the needs of the Tower before the needs of others.
Does the character prefer to give or to take? To give, though she is not averse to taking. She is always ready with a word of wisdom for those she feels might benefit from it.
Is the character rather nice or rude? Nice the vast majority of the time, though she seldom has patience for fools, and will often make subtle jabs during conversation if she thinks you such.

Aelrena was born in a small village on the Andoran side of the river Erinen before moving with her family as a small child to Caemlyn. This is where she spent much of her early life, studying herb lore with her mother and helping to care for her little siblings while her Father patrolled the countryside. With a childhood interspersed with the mischief of her little siblings, Aelrena seldom found the time to pursue scholarship until her early teenage years. This is when she took in a job in the Caemlyn library. In time, a noble took notice of the young girl and in his relentless romantic pursuits, drove her to seek sanctuary within the White Tower. Upon arrival, Aelrena requested to be tested for the ability to channel the One Power, which prompted Alexis Sedai to have Sheriam write her name in the novice book.

Aelrena's early studies as an initiate were focused on blending the use of the One Power and herb lore, an interest sparked by the idea that she might be able to heal death, with enough knowledge. As her studies continued, Aelrena narrowed her consideration of Ajahs to apprentice down the Yellow, Blue, and Brown, before meeting Catisune whose temerity definitively influenced her toward the Brown. Since reaching the shawl, much of Aelrena's research has been focused upon discovering the uses of different Ter'angreal, Angreal and the histories of the past, or more specifically the perceptions of such.