Elmitsu misses her Mother

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Elmitsu misses her Mother

Post by Aelrena » Sat Sep 23, 2023 11:49 pm

Summary: Aelrena is interrupted from reshelving books in the Fourth Depository as Elmitsu comes looking for a book on herbs, this leads to a brief conversation on the brewing of tea.

Main characters: Aelrena, Elmitsu
Supporting characters: A couple of novices and Brown sisters.

The Fourth Depository

A prodigious collection of low, wheeled book carts nearly block one of the
passages between the bookcases which stand in the center of this long, oval
chamber. The carts seem to stocked with titles that pertain to the subject
of botany. The books that line the shelves nearby are studies and drawings
of herbs, trees, and other plants. A few open books on stands have both
sketches of plants, as well as an assortment of pressed flowers and leaves.

A young girl in a plain white dress stands here.
Elmitsu the Journey Accepted is standing here.

Elmitsu has arrived from the south.

Aelrena pushes a creaking cart through the depository, her eyes scanning the shelving as she occasionally replaces books along the walls.

Elmitsu slinks into the depository, offering a prim curtsey as she spies Aelrena.

Aelrena shakes her head, looking up briefly before dipping her head and returning to her work.

Elmitsu is scanning titles at one end of the depository, though she seems to grow frustrated quickly as she does not find the object of her desire.

Aelrena pauses for a second, her expression frozen a moment before looking back up to Elmitsu.

Aelrena says 'It's been some time I've seen you child, you're seldom one to spend your free time in the library.'

Elmitsu demonstrates that frustration by muttering underneath her breath. She only notices Aelrena's attention after the Aes Sedai speaks.

Elmitsu does not quite jump, but she does look startled.

Aelrena approaches slowly with the cart, making little noise as the previously squeaking cart has suddenly become near silent.

Elmitsu says 'Good evening, Aes Sedai. I did not mean to bother you. I am only looking for a book.'

Aelrena says 'Oh, you're not bothering me.'

Aelrena 's lips twitch up slightly at the corners.

Aelrena says 'Is it something that I can help you find?'

Elmitsu says, half under her breath 'I'll know it when I see it.'

Elmitsu continues, somewhat lamely 'It's a book on . . . herbs.'

Aelrena arches an eyebrow.

Aelrena frowns slightly as she stands up to her full, and wholly unimpressive height.

Aelrena says 'Oh? I've some knowledge of herblore. What kind of herbs are you looking for? Is this a project for the Yellow Ajah? I hadn't known your interest tended toward their studies.'

Elmitsu scuffs her foot, perhaps winningly 'Oh, nothing so focused as that, Aes Sedai. I was just thinking about my mother and missing her some.'

Aelrena smiles, the expression briefly touching her eyes.

A Brown Sister has arrived from the north.

A Brown Sister leaves north. ^^

Aelrena says 'I can understand that.'

Aelrena says 'Any particular reason that a book on herbs would make you think of her?'

Elmitsu studies the rows of books rather listlessly, her pale cheeks somehow even paler 'Just . . .she used to mix this concoction, Aes Sedai. The smell . . . reminds me of her.'

Aelrena arches an eyebrow.

Aelrena leans down placing her arms upon the cart rails, "Oh? Tell me more about this concoction. My mother was an herbalist, I might know it."

Elmitsu looks lost for a moment, "I think it had some white henpepper, and Oh, blast it! I can't remember what else."

Elmitsu says sweetly, "Forgive me for swearing, Aes Sedai."

Aelrena arches an eyebrow.

Aelrena says 'Perhaps it would be proper for you to find some soap then child.'

Aelrena says 'White henpaper you say...?'

Aelrena says 'And you said the purpose of this concoction was what exactly?'

Elmitsu's lower lip quivers, "I am sorry, Aes Sedai! I did not mean to offend you! Please don't make me wash my mouth out!"

Aelrena says 'You don't need to cry. I am not offended, merely noting a touch of soap might help your language.'

Aelrena 's lips twitch up slightly at the corners.

Elmitsu says slyly, "I am tired of soap, Aes Sedai. I think any woman who was a novice would be."

Aelrena says 'Ah well, I suppose that is the truth.'

Aelrena says 'and the purpose of the concotion...?'

Aelrena arches an eyebrow.

Elmitsu says, very casually, "I was one of seven children my mother had. She didn't need any more than that! She'd make that tea to see it so, Aes Sedai."

Aelrena says 'Ahhhhh.'

Aelrena says 'I think I understand then.'

Aelrena ponders life, the universe, and everything.

Elmitsu says 'You can imagine how it would make me nostalgic for her. She brewed it a lot, Aes Sedai.'

Aelrena nods in agreement.

Aelrena says 'I can see how that might make you nostalgic and remind you of her.'

Aelrena 's lips twitch up slightly at the corners.

A Brown Sister has arrived from the north.

Aelrena says 'Hmmmm, let me think for a moment.'

Elmitsu tries not to look eager as she looks at Aelrena.

Aelrena says 'Let me think...'

Aelrena murmurs quietly under her breath as she scans the bookshelves

Elmitsu follows tentatively behind Aelrena.

Aelrena whispers quietly, "Mugwort... white henpepper..."

Aelrena says 'Ah!'

Aelrena reaches up to one of the shelves pulling a small book from between two large and dusty tomes.

Elmitsu looks up hopefully, standing a safe distance behind the Aes Sedai.

Aelrena turns around and drops the tome safely in the Accepted's hands before continuing to walk down the row of bookshelves.

Aelrena stoops to grab a large tome by the floor, grunting softly under her breath as she retrieves it.

Elmitsu receives the gift with her lips slightly parted in wonder. She scurries to keep up with Aelrena.

A Brown Sister leaves south. vv

Elmitsu says 'Thank you, Aes Sedai.'

A Brown Sister has arrived from the south.

Aelrena drops the second tome into the Accepted's arms before gliding across the room to another section of shelving.

Elmitsu receives this one with a little grunt as she continues in Aelrena's wake.

A Brown Sister leaves south. vv

Aelrena retrieves a plain red book from among the shelves and drops it on top of the other two.

Aelrena says 'Good, now.'

Elmitsu totes the three books as she bobs along with the Brown Sister.

Aelrena says 'The first book is in regards to properly brewing a tea, the second book is a compendium of MOST herbs local to the area.'

Elmitsu is repeating what Aelrena says under her breath as if trying to remember.

Aelrena says 'The last... is on proper care for your equipment, including your tea kettle.'

Elmitsu smiles slyly as Aelrena references her kettle.

Aelrena says 'Now, I believe that will help you to remember this tea your mother made.'

Elmitsu nods earnestly as she listens to Aelrena.

Aelrena says 'While the Tower is your home now, I find it helps at times to remember where we came from.'

A Brown Sister has arrived from the south.

Elmitsu says 'I'm glad you said that, Aes Sedai.'

Aelrena says 'I think it's most likely your mother's tea was a long steep of mugwort, white henpepper, and perhaps a touch of snakeroot.'

Elmitsu mouths the words 'long steep' underneath her breath.

Aelrena 's lips twitch up slightly at the corners.

Elmitsu says 'That's probably just what it was, Aes Sedai. I can't wait to brew some up. Thank you for your help.'

Aelrena says 'Do you think that you'll be able to attain these herbs?'

Aelrena arches an eyebrow.

Elmitsu says 'Aes Sedai, can I ask you a favor?'

Aelrena nods slowly, "You may ask, child."

Elmitsu smiles sweetly, "Will you not tell anyone how much I miss my mother? I don't want them to think I'm a baby still."

Aelrena says 'Perish the thought, Child. It would not do for someone to think an Accepted was incapable of going without their family.'

A Brown Sister leaves south. vv

Elmitsu smiles, seeming relieved.

Aelrena says 'Elmitsu.'

Aelrena says 'If you hear nothing else I tell you, listen closely to me now.'

Elmitsu's smile falters, and she looks upon Aelrena with a sober expression.

Aelrena says 'First, it is very important that you steep the tea correctly. Do not leave it over long, and do not take it off too early. Timing is crucial.'

Elmitsu nods obediently.

Aelrena says 'Second, after you make this tea you should get a checkup with the Yellow Ajah the next day. Some herbs in the wrong dosages can have ill effects, even when you do not consume them.'

Elmitsu begins to say, "I do n-" but stops speaking as she continues to listen to the Aes Sedai.

Aelrena says 'Measure twice, pour only once.'

Elmitsu says 'That is good advice, Aes Sedai.'

Aelrena says 'If you make the tea and you feel that it is not right, come to me again.'

Aelrena says 'I'm certain I can make sure that it smells just the same as what your mother used to make. I know that accuracy is something you'll appreciate.'

Elmitsu seems a little choked up before she finally responds, and lamely, "Thank you, Aes Sedai."

Aelrena nods in agreement.

Aelrena says 'You are welcome, Elmitsu.'

Aelrena says 'Now if that is all, be off with you. And do be more careful.'

Aelrena says 'Can't have you damaging anything in the Library.'

Aelrena says 'I'll have you in Sheriam's office from sun up to sun down if I find you've damaged any of the books.'

Elmitsu says 'May the Light continue to bless you, Aelrena Sedai. You have been a blessing to me!'

Elmitsu scurries from the depository after dropping into a perfect curtsey.

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Re: Elmitsu misses her Mother

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