When to Pick up the Pen and Put Down the Sword

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When to Pick up the Pen and Put Down the Sword

Post by Chloro » Wed Sep 20, 2023 6:18 am

Chloro Sedai has a heart to heart with Vianca about her goals and how to achieve them.

View of: Chloro
Participants: Chloro, Vianca

Meeting Room of the Gray Ajah
Large, leaded glass windows surround the room on all sides, save the
southern where a large doorway leads out into a antechamber. The room
itself is dominated by a large wooden table around which sits at least
fifty matching chairs, something close to a record for the White Tower. In
the middle of the table are an assortment of unused parchments, quill pens
and stoppered ink jars. A small stand off to one side of the room holds a
large number of glass cups and a large pitcher of chilled water. An
inscription in fine lettering is etched upon the windows.
[ obvious exits: E ]
Zone: White Tower Upper Floors
Door east: door
A large round table built from black oak dominates the center of the room.
Vianca Vaughn, Tower Accepted, Green Ajah Apprentice is resting here.
A silver-haired Aes Sedai sits here, reading.
A Gray Sister walks here, considering her options.
Annoura Larisen is here, weighing your words.

Chloro moves about the room taking off her gray fur lined cloak as the Accepted follows into the room in toe."Vianca, prepare tea please, the chill of the north has no place in white tower, for now."

Vianca moves quickly and heats up a kettle of water.

Vianca places a tea bag in each glass and allows them to step.

Chloro moves to the large round table pulling a leather-bound folder with seven colored bands off a small stack. Carefully she opens it, waiting for the girl to bring the tea.

Vianca grabs both teas and set them on the table.

Vianca says 'There you are, Aes Sedai, Would you care for any honey?'

Vianca stirs a large spoonful of honey into her tea and offers some for yours.

Chloro says 'Thank you but no, as a wise Red once said, black and bitter will keep you on your toes.'

Vianca smiles and nods as she returns her belongings to her purse.

Vianca says 'Ill remember that one, Aes Sedai'

Chloro takes the cup allowing the warmth of it to seep into her palms. "Your prowess in battle has been noted, you have taken down many agents of the shadow. However, child we must have a serious talk now."

Vianca sips her tea and gently pushes it forward, eyes narrowing in focus.

Chloro sets her cup down looking the Accepted directly in the eyes. "Is it still your goal in life to one day be called sister and feel the weight of a shawl upon your shoulders?"

Vianca says 'Yes, Aes Sedai, that is my main goal, every day I try to improve myself in my short comings in hopes that one day that weight is upon me. Not only for just myself but to be able to teach the many generations to come.'

Chloro nods and opens the folder looking at the list of accomplishments, and then at a much shorter list. "While that is very nice to hear, I do not see it in your record. I see very little interaction with Aes Sedai especially at a time when you are trying to prove you belong. The Yellow Ajah has had much to say on you, along with the brown, however I see very few greens, reds, blues, and no white sisters adding to your development. I myself am the only one among the Grays to teach you.

Chloro says 'Until a shawl graces your shoulders, and you swear on the oath rod, you belong to us all as an initiate. Your battle experience is not to be questioned, yet you seek to survive in the very place the Great Game was developed. Even Greens participate in it, one to learn from would be Evangeline Sedai. She does not hold the senior sitter position without it.'

Vianca nods and sighs, I could not agree more Chloro Sedai, I would agree that one of my short coming is the amount of meaningful interactions and nowhere near where they need to be and I realize that is not only detrimental to myself is a huge way but not taking in all the wisdom that all of the Ajah have to offer, but also to every other Novice and Accepted that enter the tower whom I have a chance to coach.

Vianca says 'I know that I have to buckle down and have more of a presence with all the Ajah in order to develop properly.'

Vianca pulls her glass of tea to her and wets her lips before placing it gingerly back on the table.

Chloro looks up and nods then back down at the folder before closing it. "Something that may not have been described before, each girl before she reaches the shawl will have many mentors. While you focus with the Green Ajah, I will add to your political development. You are also to mail 2 sisters of each Ajah, though they may not offer lessons the attempt will be noticed."

Vianca nods slowly and writes down a few notes in a mahogany leather booklet.

Vianca says 'Right away, Aes Sedai'

Chloro says 'From now on, development is to be your primary focus. You will have centuries to war against the shadow should you gain the shawl. '

Vianca says 'Understood, Chloro Sedai. I will not let you and anyone else inside these walls down.'

Chloro says 'You are facing an uphill battle child, I hope your battle determination serves you well. Now please relate to me the Three oaths.'

Vianca recites back to Chloro Sedai, The first oath is to never speak a word that is untrue, the second oath is to make no weapon with which one man may kill another, and the third and final oath is to never to use the One Power as a weapon except against Darkfriends or Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme defense of her life, the life of her Warder, or another Aes Sedai.

Chloro nods "Now which do you view as the hardest to live with?"

Vianca brings her hand to her chin and ponders.

Vianca says 'That is indeed a tough question, but if I have to pick one, I would say to never speak a word that is untrue'

Chloro says 'Why?'

Vianca taps her chin and looks upward and to the left, deep in thought.

Vianca says 'I believe that there are times where the absolute truth can be detrimental to a situation, sometimes a lie can be told in attempt to trick an enemy in your favor.'

Chloro nods looking to Annoura and the other Gray sisters. "Each Gray comes to know that truth in her own time, however with training you will learn to use words as a weapon and each conversation a battlefield."

Vianca smiles and bows her head slightly in respect of the Gray Sisters.

Vianca says 'Yes, Aes Sedai.'

Chloro says 'Why Green?'

Vianca says 'When I was just a child, my brother was trampled by a coach heading from Fal Dara to Maradon, when my father brought him home all i could do was embrace his limp body. I squeezed and squeezed while i sobbed uncontrolably, and before I knew it his wounds healed. That was the first time I knew I could channel and the reason why I chose the Yellow Ajah and my first choice.'

Vianca clears her throat.

Vianca says 'While learning how to be useful as a battle healer, I found myself leaning more and
more towards the center of the fights.'

Chloro watches the Accepteds body language and the throb of her pulse on her neck. "Continue."

Vianca says 'And before I knew it I realized that I was a great deal more helpful dealing damage and protecting my fellow teammates from taking damage. While I am now focused on the Green shawl, I believe my time with the yellows granted me a nice balance of being able to heal and deal if you will in the battlefield.'

Chloro says 'What you describe is what all Aes Sedai do, I ask you again, why Green.'

Vianca says 'I feel most comfortable being on the front lines of the battlefield, I want to be so used to battle so that when the day comes of Tarmon Gai'don, the Shadow will have no chance. And to be the best in battle I believe I need to follow the footsteps of other Green Ajah.'

Vianca says 'While I am no stranger to the pen and pad, my strengths are more physical than they are clerical, always have been.'

Chloro says 'While I understand your perspective, know that every Ajah produces battle sisters. Everesta of the Gray, Alison of the white, nearly all red sisters, Jenda and Eldrenia of the yellow. Perhaps you should think about your reasoning a bit more.'

Vianca says 'Yes Aes Sedai'

Chloro says 'Kali and Kitiara of the Blue come to mind as well.'

Chloro says 'We will meet again in a weeks’ time, I expect by then for you to have mailed two sisters of each Ajah outside of the ones you have met with already. I will ask about their responses.'

Vianca says 'Yes Aes Sedai, I will make my selections and begin to draft said letters right away.'

Chloro says 'Then you are dismissed Vianca, but be for-warned. I will be watching.'

Vianca stands and nods as she clears the empty tea glasses from the table and returns to the attention of Chloro Sedai.

Vianca says 'Yes Aes Sedai, '

Vianca stops resting, and clambers on her feet.

Vianca curtseys gracefully.

Vianca opens the carveddoor.

Vianca curtseys before Annoura Larisen.

Vianca leaves east. >>

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Re: When to Pick up the Pen and Put Down the Sword

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